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In order to learn C programming, I am writing a file encryption program. It's aiming for portability, so I'm using ANSI C code. It's still in the early stages, but it's functional. I am distributing it under a GPL license. The encryption can be cracked by brute force and some time on a super computer, or maybe even a simple PC if you know what kind of data is in the file. But that goes for any encryption. Given enought time, and money, it can be cracked. I hope to improve the encryption in the future, but for now, it's a neat little toy. Use it to hide your passwords from other users if you keep the list on a shared computer. I am currently looking for voluteers to write the help file. I'm horrible at writing those. If your interested, just e-mail me. Also, be sure to read the readme.txt files.

  • Version 0.4-beta still planning! Coming up in this version (i'm still working on this so give me some time) a new layer of encryption wich hashes out your key that you enter to make use of all char values from 0-255 based on your key, and performs encryption using a 8192 bit key period, even if you enter a 4 letter key! (why you would be dumb enough to enter a 4 letter key i dunno but hey, some people are that lazy! ::caugh caugh:: Big D you know who you are! Your the inspiration for this anyway man!) So your actual encryption key will go from "test" (or whatever lil' biddy thing you decide to pick, to some really long password of 1kb worth of characters, some letters numbers and symbols, and some unprintable characters that only the puter understands. :o) Also, it will be using 4 32 bit hash values for some password checking (hopefully to improve on this later), and the hash values will also be used for encrypting data as well. And for those people who need the program to encrypt really really large 75MB filez (SJ, this ones for you m'lady, this knight will always be in your service), there will be some routines added to work with the data in 32 bit chunks as well as reading and writing large chunks of data at the same time to help minimize disk useage. And for vlade, dont worry, I'll find a way to make it do entire directories for ya. May not be in this release, but I'm working on it, time permitting. Also, greets goin out to the kinkymonkey and cryptide for helping me out. ::gets off of his soap box now::

  • Version 0.34 - Will contain the speed improvements mentioned above. Still havnt gotten the huge encryption worked out yet. But a release is long overdue. The road to 0.4 beta is coming soon so watch for it.
  • Version 0.33 beta is out! Basically it's a version 0.4 beta pre-release. I have added menu's, and the keyfile encryption works. Not sure if there are any bugs, but I havn't found any.

  • Version 0.3-beta It's primarily a bug-fix. The extra bytes bug has been fixed! (woohoo!) Silly little bug actually. It seems that it was encoding the eof marker, then creating a new one on each pass of the data. Also, layer 4 encryption has been added. Also added - asks you if you want to delete the original on encrypt and decrypt. For all the lazy people, no more deleting it manually if your through with it. Yay! Also, attempted to make the readme.txt file more helpful. Added changelog.txt file to list changes and to keep a history of changes to the program.

  • 0.2-alpha does contain one known bug. After you decrypt it, the file contains about 8 extra bytes at the end of the file. All your data is still fine however. I've tested it on gifs, jpgs, and other executables with no ill effects. However, be warned that it's there.


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